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Bankersadda Memory Tricks to Learn English for Exams and Interview

Memory Tricks to Learn English for Exams and Interview : Simple steps following to how to Memory Tricks to Learn English as the following of the all the language to learn English tricks and techniques to boost your memory.

1) ACCEDE (V)-
submit, assent, give in
to agree to a request
yield to another's opinion
Examples:- 1) We should accede to run off all the terrorist.
                     2) Bush acceded to Mr. Obama's request to stay on.

Antonyms- condemn, denounce, deny, argue
Synonyms- accept, admit, allow, assent, permit

2) ABDUCT (V)-  
kidnap, nobble, snatch
to take somebody away illegally
pull away from the body
Examples:- The government and security forces deny abducting people.
                    Our son has been abducted.

Usage- We can use abduct in place of kidnap.

Antonyms- give up, release, give
Synonyms- grab, kidnap, seize, snatch, capture

a person that somebody is opposed to and competing with in an argument or a battle
someone who fights against or opposes another
Mind Tricks:-
Adversary sounds like Adverse. So somethings that oppose, make a adverse effect on you is known as Adversary.

Usages- The two of them were old adversaries.
              Old political adversary.

4) ADORE  (V)  
to love somebody very much
to like something very much
Mind Tricks:-
Adore sounds like A Door .  A door of heaven where God would stand to welcome and love  you very much. 

Usages:- We adore pleasant music.
                She adores working with children.

5) ASTUTE  (Adj.)   
very clever and quick at seeing what to do in a particular situation, especially how to get an advantage
Mind Tricks:-
Astute sounds like Estate. He is very clever (astute)that's why he has a big royal estate.(Estate means property)

Astute sounds like A statue. In my city there is a statue of brilliant and intelligent scientist(astute) Albert Einstein.

Usages:-   It was an astute move to sell the shares at the time of recession.
                  My mother was more financially astute than my father.

6) ASYLUM  (N)
a shelter or protection that a government gives to people who have left their own country because they were in danger for political reasons
a hospital for mentally unbalanced person
Mind Tricks:- 
Asylum sounds like Aslam (a name). Aslam khan is providing shelter and protection to the terrorists. 

Usages:- Those fleeing from the war have the right to asylum.
                They applied for asylum after being tortured in their own country.

7) ASKEW (Adj./Adv)
turned or twisted to one side
not in straight or level position
Mind Tricks:-
A conversation between Engineer and Workers. 
Engineer :- I ask you why this track is not in straight line.                   
Worker:- Sorry for askew track sir...

Usages:-  Her hat was slightly askew.
                 That picture is askew.

8) APPEASE (V)   
to make somebody calmer or less angry by giving them what they want
Mind Tricks:-
Appease sounds like A Piece. Mother gives the child a piece of chocolate to  make less angry or pacify.

Appease little sounds like Peace. 

Usage:- Some legal facilities given to appease the investors.
              Some analysts said the decision was made to appease the United States.

9) ARID (Adj.)  
lacking sufficient water or rainfall
lifeless, not interesting
Noun:- Aridness, aridity
Adverb:- Aridly

Mind Tricks:-
Arid looks like A rigid. Nothing can be happened on a rigid things.

Arid looks and sounds like Area + d for dry. So area drymeans arid. 

Usage:- Nothing grows in these arid area.
              The arid belt expanded and moved over the next few thousand years.

10) ACME (N)  
the highest stage of development or the most excellent example of something
Mind Tricks:-
Acme sounds like the beauty product Lakme. Lakme is the excellent(Acme) beauty product.  

Usage:- Indian students are on acme of their career.
              The acme had not even then been reached.

a noisy argument or disagreement
Verb:- Altercate

Mind Tricks:-
Altercation sounds like Alter cat. Woman starts altercation(fighting) when they get a altered cat.

Usage- A youth became involved in an altercation with a police officer over a parking ticket.
             A violent altercation took place in the parliament.

the practice of not allowing yourself something, especially food, alcoholic drinks  for moral, religious or health reasons
Mind Tricks:-
Abstinence looks like Absent from Steaminess(cloudy). A thought:- "Keep yourself absent from steaminess (cloudy) otherwise you may fall into a deep pit. (Here steaminess means  drinks and such things that ruins you body and life.) 

Abstinence sounds like absent, so be  absent from bad habits.

Usage:- We should take total abstinence from alcohol.
              Child should be given abstinence from the chocolate.

13) ADMONISH (V)   
a gentle rebuke
a warning to somebody about their behaviour
Noun- Admonition
Adjective- Admonitory

Mind Tricks:-
Admonish sounds like Ad of Manisha (bollywood actress). Media criticises, reproves, discourages the new Ad of Monisha Koiralla.

Usage- Teachers give  admonition to their students.
             She was admonished for chewing gum in class.

14) AMITY (N)
a friendly relationship between people or countries
Mind Tricks:-
Amity sounds like Amit (a name). Amit is my bestfriend.
Amity sounds like A Mitr (Hindi)

Usage:- Our leaders should promote international amity.
              An amity with Gods and with his lovers.

15 ) ANIMOSITY (Noun)
a strong feeling of opposition, anger or hatred
Mind Tricks:-
Animosity sounds like Enemy's city, so be careful in enemy city. 

Animosity sounds like Animals' city i.e. Jungle, we all know that in jungle carnivorous animals have strong feeling of anger for herbivorous animals.

Usage- He felt no animosity towards his critics.

16) ANNUL (V)    
cancel officially, declare invalid
to state officially that something is no longer legally valid
Mind Tricks:-
Annul sounds like Annual. We should cancel or annulour annual meeting. 

Usage:- Government should annul the old rule and regulation of the country. 
              Their marriage was annulled after just six months.

to shock and disgust
fill with alarm, unpleasantly surprised
Mind Tricks:-
Appal sounds and looks like apple.We got surprised when we saw an apple in the mango tree.

Usages:- Little child appalled every one by doing bike stunt.
               The idea of sharing a room appalled the public.

away from usual, a state or condition markedly different from the norm
a fact, an action or way of behaving that is not usual and that may be unacceptable
Mind Tricks:-
Aberration sounds like A beer in ration shops. When somebody buys a beer bottle from ration shops it means something not normal. 

Usage:- A childless woman was regarded as an aberration, almost a social outcast.
              Killing own sibling is a kind of aberration nature of human.

19) ABORTIVE (Adj.)  
try but fail, not successful, fail to do something
Mind Tricks:-
Abortive sounds like abortion. And abortion means failure of pregnancy.

Usage- Abortive attempts by Government to remove poverty.
             He tried all his plan but all his plan got abortive.

20 ) ACCUSTOMED (Adj.)  
in the habit of, adapted to 
habitual, used to, familiar with something and accepting it as normal or usual
Mind Tricks:-
Accustomed  looks like According to custom. We get accustomed or be habitual according to our custom.

Usage- She was a person accustomed to having eight hours' sleep a night.
             He has accustomed to live without food.

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