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Bankers adda GK Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam 2014

Bankers adda GK Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam 2014: Gk questions in Hindi, English, Tamil on current affairs wich asking  GK Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam - 31st August 2014 Morning and Evening Shifts 

General Awareness Questions 

Who is the Chairman of axis bank ? -Dr. Sanjiv Mishra
Mary kom movie produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is written by : Saiwyn Quadras
What is the currency of Sri lanka ? -  Sri Lanka Rupee
What is the capital of Kuwait ?- Kuwait city
Power, Coal and renewable energies minister in the current government ? - Piyush Goyal
Bank license given to which NBFCs ? - Bandhan and IDFC
Which one of the following is not regulator(Options - RBI,SEBI,CERN,IRDA) ? - CERN 
Rohan Bopanna related to which sport ? - Tennis
Which line divides America and Canada- ?  49th parallel
What is the nick name of Korea ? - Land of morning calm
2014 is recognised as completion of 100 years of which war ? - World War - I
Angela Merkel is related to which country ? - Germany
Which minister initiated 370A controversy ? - Jitendra Singh
When do we observe World habitat day ? - 6th October
Who is the chairman of committee related to Gas pricing ? -Vijay Kelkar  
What is the expanded form of PLO - Palestine liberation organization
African union is fighting with which terrorist organisation ?- Boko haram
Donna torat has authored the book titled as ? - The goldfinch
In which reigon Kalisindh river flows ? - Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh
What is the range of bramhos missile ? - 290Km
Scurvy is caused due to deficiency of which vitamin ? - vitamin C 
who is the recipient of 2014 sadhabhavana award ? - Muzaffar Ali
collection of row and column known as? - Spreadsheet     
What are the shortcut keys for switching between two windows? - Alt + Tab
What is the Capital city of iraq ? - Baghdad
What is the Currency of Bhutan? - Ngultrum
Who is the new Governer of haryana ? - Kaptan Singh Solanki
Jarawa tribe belongs to ? - Andaman and Nicobar islands
Who is the Minister of state for IT & broadcasting ? - Prakash Javdekar
What is the Literacy rate of Bihar according to 2011 census? - 63.82%
What is the Currency of vatican city ? - Euro
Gagan narang won medal in Commonwealth in which shooting event? - 50 m air rifle event
What are the number of Nationalized Banks in India after nationalisation of BMB? - 21
Devis Cup related to which sport ?- Lawn Tennis
Which country topped CWG 2014 Medals tally ? - England
New Deputy Governer of RBI S S Mundra replaced whom ? - K C Chakraborty
Which among the following is a banking term ? - CRR
Which of the following is an Indirect Tax ? - Service Tax
Controller of MutualFund ? - SEBI
What is the Full form of CFL? - Compact fluorescent lamp
Cerebral hemorrhage caused by deficiency of which vitamin? - Vitamin K
What is the capital of Sierra Leon? - Freetown  
What is the full form of IP? - Internet Protocol
Bankers adda GK Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam 2014
General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2014 in bankers adda.
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