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Bankers adda Practice Questions

Reasoning Ability

1. If '$' means ‘X','#' means'-:-', '*' means ‘---' and '@' means '+' then what is the value of 204 # 6 * 15 $ 8 @ 88?
a) 8
b) 2
c) 6
d) 12
e) None of these

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way on the basis of their positions in the English alphabet and so form a group. Which of the one that does not belong to the group?
a) AZ
b) EV
c) BY
d) GT
e) DU

3. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word INTERNAL, each of which has as many letters between them in the word as they have in the English alphabet?
a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Three
e) None of these

4. In a certain code DIVERT is written as SCQHDU, how is CONFER written in that code?
e) None of these

5. If the position of the first and the sixth letters of the word 'PRESCRIBED' are interchanged, similarly position of the second and the seventh letter are interchanged and so on. Which letter is fourth from the left end after the rearrangement?
a) E
b) S
c) B
d) D
e) None of these

1. b
2. e
3. d
4. c

5. a
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