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IBPS PO - 4 Exam 19th Oct 2014 Morning Shift Computer Quiz

We are providing some Computer  questions which were asked in IBPS PO - 4 exam which was held on 19th Oct 2014 in the Morning Shift. Below are questions with answers.

1.    Mouse ,track ball are - Pointing devices

2.    Short cut to BOLD the word - CTRL + B

3.    Which of the following is a DOS operation done - command Instruction

4.    Data transmission b/w mother board and component - BUS

5.    Full form of WAN – Wide Area Network

6.    Which of the following belongs local network – LAN

7.    Linux is a – Operating System

8.    Chip is also called as  - Integrated circuit

9.    Full form of URL – Uniform Resource Locator

10.  Full form of EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

11.  The details like name, subject etc consists in a – Data Dictionary

12.  Which of the following is not a programming language - MS – excel

13.  According to ASCII how many letters are there – 256

14.  To go to End of the page which key you use - Shift + PGDN
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