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Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz

Here we are providing current affairs of this month. So follow them and get to know the answers for the upcoming exams which are to be held. These are the recently happened issues which are to be known.

1. The employees of five associate banks of State Bank of India (SBI) went on a strike on 4 Jun to protest against their merger with it. Which of the following is NOT an associate bank of the SBI as of now?
1) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur 
2) State Bank of Travancore
3) State Bank of Mysore 
4) State Bank of Hyderabad
5) State Bank of Surastra

2. The FMC will have to complete all pending investigations before its merger with the securities market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi). The term FMC stands for
1) Future Markets Commission 
2) Food Markets Commission
3) Foreign Markets Commission 
4) Forward Markets Commission
5) None of these

3. Mark Rutte, who visited India, recently, is the present Prime Minster of which of the following countries?
1) Netherlands 
2) Hungry
3) Sweden 
4) Norway
5) None of these

4. India and which of the following countries have agreed on a 17-point road map aimed at strengthening mutual trust and confidence during President Pranab Mukherjee visit to this country recently?
1) Belarus 
2) Sweden
3) Lithuania 
4) Latvia
5) None of these

5. Who among the following has been appointed by the govt as the PM’s ‘Special Envoy on Countering Terrorism and Extremism’ recently?
1) Ajit Doval 
2) Asif Ibrahim
3) Alok Joshi 
4) Dineshwar Sharma
5) None of these

6. The govt has launched IAP HealthPhone programme, world’s largest digital mass education programme to address malnutrition in women and children. The brand ambassador of the programme is
1) Anushka Sharma 
2) Salman Khan
3) Aamir Khan 
4) Shah Rukh Khan
5) None of these

7. Bangladesh has granted permission to which of the following Indian insurance firms, recently, to do business in the country which will start its operations as a joint venture (JV) entity?
1) LIC of India 
2) SBI Life
3) ICICI Prudential 
4) HDFC Life
5) None of these

8. Who among the following lead the events at the United Nations on the International Yoga Day on Jun 21?
1) Sushma Swaraj 
2) Narendra Modi
3) Rajnath Singh 
4) VK Singh
5) None of these

9. The WTO, recently, ruled that the Indian ban on import of poultry meat, eggs and live pigs from ________ is inconsistent with the international norms and now India will have to allow these products.
1) Pakistan 
2) Bangladesh
3) US 
4) China
5) None of these

10. The govt has decided to go for third phase of coal auction. Which of the following is NOT correct in this regard?
1) 10 mines, 8 producing and 2 about to produce, to be on sale.
2) In this phase of auction, there will be no coal mine for power generators.
3) The bidding will run from Aug 11 to 17.
4) The ministry of coal will auction linkages to Coal India’s production for five years.
5) None of these

1. 5)
2. 4)
3. 1)
4. 1)
5. 2)
6. 3)
7. 1)
8. 1)
9. 3)
10. 5) 
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