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Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz

Here we are providing daily current affairs quiz the ongoing general awareness quiz. It will be very helpful for the coming exams IBPS RRB and IBPS PO. So follow the updates day to day and this section would be easy to score within less time.

1). Who will be appointed as the next Dean of Indian School of Business (ISB)?
a) K M Sharma
b) Rajendra Srivastava
c) Praveen Sharma
d) Rahul Kullar
e) None of these.

2). What is Komen?
a) It’s a new operating system
b) It’s a mobile application
c) It’s a mobile virus
d) It’s the name of a cyclone
e) None of these.

3). As per United Nations report, when India will become most populous country?
a) 2022
b) 2020
c) 2025
d) 2030
e) None of these.

4). Who is the new CEO of Procter & Gamble (P&G)?
a) Edward Reeds
b) Chris Lockhart
c) David Taylor
d) John Walley
e) None of these.

5).What is the name of the internet browser in Windows 10 operating system?
a) Cortana
b) Sword
c) Mozilla
d) Edge
e) None of these.

6). India’s Kalyani Group has joined hands with which of the following Israel’s Company to produce Spike Missiles in India?
a) Lambert Sevart Weapons
b) Rafael
c) Mcdonnell Douglas
d) Putilov Arms Works
e) None of these.

7).Which of these has recently signed three MoU in Kazakhstan for Power projects?
a) BEL
b) Reliance Power Ltd
e) None of these.

8). Japanese Media Group Nikkei has brought which of the following recently?
a) Wall Street Journal
b) International Business Times
c) Mint
d) Financial Times
e) None of these.

9). Winter Olympics 2022 will be hosed at_________.
a) Beijing
b) Moscow
c) Berlin
d) Tokyo
e) None of these.

10). Which of the following company has topped in the list of Forbes Asia Fabulous 50?
a) HCL Technologies
b) Tencent
c) HDFC India
d) Lupin
e) None of these.

11). Which among the following country gives Ramon Magsaysay Award?
a) Russia
b) Philippines
c) China
d) India
e) None of these.

12). Government will NOT extend e-Tourist Visa facility to ________ on July 30.
a) Hong Kong
b) China
c) Pakistan
d) Macau
e) None of these.

13). Which of the Indian state has launched a special drive against Anthrax?
a) Bihar
b) Kerala
c) Maharashtra
d) Tamil Nadu
e) None of these.

14). Which of the following country has received CSF funds of $336 million from the USA?
a) Afghanistan
b) Iran
c) India
d) Pakistan
e) None of these.

15). Which of the state is planning to release 15 Gharials in the Beas belt to boost tourism?
a) Punjab
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Bihar
d) Chhattisgarh
e) None of these.

1). b  
2). d  
3). a  
4). c  
5). d  
6). b  
7). c  
8). d  
9). a  
10). b
11). b  
12). c  
13). b  
14). d  
15). a
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