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Reasoning Quiz

Reasoning Quiz

Here we are providing reasoning quiz questions from previous papers. Practice to improve your reasoning ability. This section is very easy if practice increases so prepare well for the upcoming exams. Even the job holders you are preparing for bank exams take some time to solve these questions.

1. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word 'CORPORATE' each of which has as many letters between them in the word as they have in the English alphabet?
1) None 
2) One 
3) Two 
4) Three 
5) More than three

2. If a certain code, MARIYA is written as 725432 and TINA is written as 6482. How is MARTINA written in that code?
1) 7256482 
2) 7265842 
3) 7645862 
4) 7658426 
5) None of these

3. Raju is ninth from the left and Sumit is tenth from the right. Five persons siting between Raju and Sumit. How many people sit in row?
1) 24 
2) 12 
3) 23 
4) can't be determined 
5) None of these

4. Which of the following is exactly in the middle of the Twenty element from the left and nineteen element from the right of English Alphabets?
1) S 
2) T 
3) M 
4) N 
5) None of these

5. A man started from A, went 10 km towards North, took a right turn, went for 7 km. and again went for 8 KM towards his left finally he took a right turns, went from 13 km and reached a point B. In which directions is he with respect to the starting point?
1) North-East 
2) South-East 
3) West 
4) North 
5) North-west

6. In a certain code language 'BECOMES' is written as 'DDENODU'. How NATURES is written in that code language?
1) O B U T S G T 
2) P Z V T T D U 
3) P Z U T T D U 
4) O Z V T S D U 
5) P B T V T D V

Directions (7-10): The following questions contain one statement followed by two statements. Read the statements and answer how many statements are required to answer the questions. Answer according to the following codes:

1) Only if statement I is sufficient to answer the question, while II is not.
2) Only if statement II is sufficient to answer the question but I is not.
3) If the question can be answered using any of the statement.
4) If neither of them is sufficient together to answer
5) If both are required to answer the question

7. Who is the shorter among Alok, Saurabh, Nayan and Rajan?

I. Alok is taller than Rajan but shorter than Saurabh and Nayan.
II. Alok is not shortest.

8. On which day of week Suman reach Ranchi?

I. Suman left Delhi by train on Tuesday.
II. Suman stayed for one day in Ranchi but that day neither Friday nor Saturday.

9. What is the rank of P from the bottom in a class of 30 Students?

I. R is fourth from the top and these are five students between R and P.
II. The rank of M is fourth from the bottom and there are 17 students between M and R.

10. How is 'white' is code language?

I. 'Green colour is white' is coded as 'se pa li ge'
II. 'White bulb is more efficiency' is coded as 'go ma ra li ro'

1. 5
2. 1
3. 4
4. 4
5. 1
6. 2
7. 1
8. 4
9. 3
10. 5
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