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Current Affairs Practice Quiz

Current Affairs Practice Quiz:

1. A top Indian origin lawyer has been named as Vice-Chairman of the Paris based International Chamber of Commerce Commission (ICC) on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption. Name the lawyer ____?
1.Kavinder Singh
2. Rajhesh Mohan
3.Davinder Singh
4.Harimohan Singh
5. None of these
Ans. Davinder Singh

2. Wipro has made an announcement to buy which of the following business in the US for $460 million (Rs.3150 crore)?
1. HealthCare
2. HealthPlan Service
4. Healthy-Wealthy
5. None of these
Ans. HealthPlan Service

3. India launched its 1st Deworming Day on which of the following date?
1.10th February
2. 12th February
3. 18 December
4. 10 December
5. None of these
Ans. 10th February

4. The world's largest solar plant was launched in the Souss-Massa-DrĂ¢a area in which country?
1. Luanda
2. Japan
3. Russia
5. None of these
Ans. Morocco

5. Who has recently been assumed the charge as Secretary, Railway Board?
1. Mr. VinodVerma
2. Mr. R K Verma
3. Ravi Shankar Soni
4. MK Mani
5. None of these
Ans. Mr. R K Verma

6. The 6th National Science Film Festival & Competition (NSFF) has begun at which places?
1. Hyderabad
2. Pune
4. Chennai
5. None of these
Ans. Mumbai

7. Lance NaikHanamanthappa, who had been battling for life at the Army’s Research & Referral hospital, breathed his last on Today morning. He belongs to which of the following regiments?
1. 24thThe Parachute Regiment
2. 19th madras regiment
3. 25thDogra regiment
4. 20thmahar regiments
5. None of these
Ans. 19th madras regiment

8. The Union government has planned to set up the country’s first-ever Aviation Park in which of the following States?
1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Karnataka
3. Maharashtra
5. None of these
Ans. Gujarat

9. India has ranked 37 out of 38 countries for its intellectual property rights environment in the annual IP index released by the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC) with only Venezuela scoring lower. Which Country ranked first in this rank?
2. Iceland
3. UK
4. South KoreaS
5. None of these
Ans. USA

10. The National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP) 2017-2031 unveiled by the environment ministry accords special emphasis to rehabilitation of threatened species of wildlife while conserving their habitats which include inland aquatic, coastal and marine eco-systems. The committee of The National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP) headed by?
1.Shri K C Kala
2. Rameshwar Singh
3.Shri J C Kala
4.Lalita Rani
5. None of these
Ans.Shri J C Kala

11. India Australia Energy Security dialogue held at which places?
1. Hyderabad
2. Canberra
3. Perth
4. Jaipur
5. None of these
Ans. Canberra

12. Which country will host the final of the Women's Cricket World Cup in 2017, the ICC has announced recently?
1. UK
2. USA
4. Brazil
5. None of these
Ans. Lord's

13. Cisco Systems Inc recently acquired which of the following __________, a start-up that connects devices such as cars and medical devices to the Internet, for $1.4 billion.
2. Equidate
4.Jasper Technologies Inc.
5. None of these
Ans. Jasper Technologies Inc.

14. Who has recently been appointed as the president of the South Asian Wrestling Federation (SAWF)?
1.BrijbhushanSharan Singh
2. Amit Sharma
3. Rajeev Gupta
4. Rishi Soni
5. None of these
Ans. BrijbhushanSharan Singh

15.  First-ever global maritime summit in April 2016 is going to be held at which places?
1. Nepal
2. China
4. Russia
5. None of these
Ans. India
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